Isn’t this information online for free?

I developed the system over the last 30 years, and after creating the content, I researched many resources to make sure it was unique and not available elsewhere. I studied over 50 books, 237 web articles, 110 YouTube videos, 10 DVDs, and attended four sex conferences with in-person classes on the topic. I spent years researching for you. This book was not pieced together from disparate content in the resources above or from interviews. The system was developed during my relationships and fine-tuned through feedback in the moment of experience.

I invite you to read the book and then review other resources to see if you find a comparable system with as many instructional images published before my copyright dates. If you do, I will gladly refund you for this book and give you my new book as a gift. If the information online effectively enabled pleasurable and painless anal sex, you would not still have lots of lousy experience stories. The Internet has been around long enough for a good strategy to make its way into the overall sexual consciousness, but it has not. Therefore, I poured my heart and soul into developing a caring solution that works and helps couples enjoy deeper intimacy and a new sexual delight.