The Difference She’ll Experience and What Makes The Book Unique

The philosophy and strategy here have a woman’s pleasure at heart. The content focuses on her experience. If she has a bad experience, then both of you will never revel in the ecstasy provided by anal sex because she won’t try it again. The process is not just about technique but also about creating a sensual and emotional connection. If she receives incredible physical pleasure and has a deeply emotional experience, then she will love it.

Women want you to remember the instructions since it will be their pain if you do not follow the process. Keep in mind that if it were your preventable pain on the line, you would want to ensure that the instructions are memorized and adhered to. So I have provided visual instructions to demonstrate what do and help you remember the techniques. Thus, the summaries and illustrations will enable you to learn and review quickly.

What makes this book unique:

  • Research and science on why women have more and stronger orgasms with anal stimulation.
  • An effective strategy that arouses her body and seduces her mind by using small steps that lead to anal pleasure. You are not going to try it one night, but guide her through pleasurable steps that are procedural across multiple nights to build arousal and trust.
  • A detailed, step-by-step system that defines “how to take it slow,” The 7 Nights to Ecstasy System for beginners, The 3 Night Delight System for couples with anal play experience, and The Custom System for your specific situation.
  • A proven method for associating pleasures that she already loves with anal stimulation, the SEPOR Method.
  • 82 Illustrations that: a) communicate what to do and how; b) provide the content in a sensual and artistic fashion; and c) are designed to progressively arouse the female reader to try the anal play throughout the system.
  • My recommendations on the best anal toys and lubes (with 24 product images) and instructions on how to use them during the intro phase and advanced positions.
  • Hygiene strategies that will make preparation a hot experience.
  • Advanced anal play and positions (26) with illustrations and more detailed explanations than other resources.
  • Chapter summaries for easy review.
  • The combination of the step-by-step system, number of instructional illustrations, arousal techniques, and entry techniques are not in other books, DVDs, online videos, blogs, or web articles.