What makes my content unique?

I combine creativity and lessons from extensive research in various subjects to formulate a unique solution with a woman’s pleasure at heart. This book combines sexuality, psychology, physiology, neuroscience, and toys to provide a pleasurable solution. In my new book, Sex On A New Level, I combine those five topics with design, music, foods, drinks, props, construction, and technology to create sexual experiences. Since creating new experiences is a deep passion for me, not work, I am sharing over three decades of research, creations, and the art of my soul. As I stated in my previous post, “How can a man write a book about the best method to introduce anal sex to a woman?” I have a career that’s not in the sex industry. I had to dedicate many nights and weekends to make a difference for others. If I can do the following:

  • Help women not go through a bad experience but instead have a great anal sex experience and the most explosive orgasms of their lives.
  • Help men enjoy anal sex with their woman and all the hot sex that comes with it, and provide stimulation techniques to give her the strongest orgasms ever with you.
  • Prevent couples from having problems in their relationship because the man keeps asking for anal, but the woman is scared and gets frustrated at his requests.
  • Introduce novelty into a couple’s love life and a deeper connection.

Then the years of work have been worth it. I hope the research, stimulation techniques, and process are helpful.