What are the author’s credentials and credibility to write on this topic?

I have a double major in Finance and Marketing with a minor in Psychology, concentration in interpersonal relations and accelerated learning. As well as a Master’s degree in Business with course work in statistics and research. I am not a full-time writer. I have a different career than sex. How does that qualify me to write about a solution to introduce anal sex and enhance sexual pleasure? Valid question. First, it starts with compassion. I was injured before and was in significant pain for years. I had to have hundreds of injections because the pills weren’t strong enough to help. Pain is invisible, and therefore hard to relate to unless you have experienced it yourself. I found a solution, and the experience made me very compassionate to others who deal with pain.

Many women are subject to an unpleasant experience when attempting to have anal sex due to a flawed process. I knew if I wrote down my solution, I could help women avoid an uncomfortable experience. Moreover, enable couples to discover a new delight and a deeper connection instead of getting frustrated or upset from failed attempts.

Does someone need a degree stamp to develop an effective solution? I believe not. The number of books, articles, educational videos, and classes I have researched over 30 years easily surpasses my master’s degree in course work and time invested. Besides, you can study all the content out there and conduct many interviews; if you do not implement the solution across different relationships, you won’t have a vetted system. The women from my relationships have encouraged getting the content out to help others. With their support, when I introduced the first version of my content that reached a Best Sellers rank of #3 in the Psychology of Sex, a sales rank in the low 4,000s out of all Amazon books, and was #1 on the topic of anal sex on Amazon (screen-captures are on my Amazon Author’s Page). In addition to the above, I authored the book because creating new sexual experiences is a core passion. My story starts many moons ago…(Continued in the About Page David DeCitore Bio).