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3.4 Night 3 – Triple Her Pleasure

Now we will dive deeper into how to stimulate Her Pleasure Anatomy. Lay her on her back, lick, stimulate, and play with her U-spot [See Figure 3.12]. The U-spot is a small patch of sensitive erectile tissue located just above and on both sides of the urethral opening, between the clitoris and the urethra, it is absent just below the urethra, in the small area between the urethra and the vagina. Less well known than the clitoris, its erotic potential was only recently investigated by American clinical research workers. They found that if this region was gently caressed with the finger, the tongue, or the tip of the penis, there was an unexpectedly powerful erotic response (

These are the most sensitive spots as reported by a variety of Internet articles, including Durex and Marie Claire Mag.

Now stimulate her A-spot (AFE-zone, the Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone).

Next, you can stimulate her P-spot, (Posterior Fornix Erogenous Zone).

Now excite her perineal sponge and K-spot.

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  1. Palm and Gem Pleasure
  2. Grooves For Her
  3. Grooves For Her Pump
  4. Grooves For Her Pump Variation
  5. Palm and Curve Pleasure
  6. Circling Techniques
  7. Pleasure Twists
  8. Gem Slides
  9. 5 Steps to Enter Her Gem
  10. Figure 3.36

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